The Society of Friends of the Lethbridge Public Library exists to help our Library offer the best programs and services of any library in a community of comparable size in Canada.


Notice to Volunteers

Not at this time

The Friends of the Library have put an indefinite hold on volunteering for the Library due to the pandemic. Please check back with us when health restrictions are no longer required. If you wish to donate to the Friends, click on the DONATE button at the top of this webpage. We would appreciate your support.


Friends Donate to the LPL!

April 20, 2021

In difficult times, support for Library services is even more critical! The Friends of the Lethbridge Public Library recently provided over $14,000 to purchase lendable Chromebooks and portable Wi-fi devices to help support at-home computer and internet access for all patrons who need it. This has been an especially critical service during pandemic closures. The Friends also spent over $10,000 for updated theatre equipment at rhe Main Branch in anticipation of a return to normal public gatherings and programs in the Theatre Gallery.


The Friends' Booktique -Providing Great Books at Great Prices

The Friends established the Booktique in the fall of 2006 with the "doors" opening in February of 2007.  The Booktique comprises a number of shelves of books, CDs, and DVDs, providing a variety of items for sale every day that the Lethbridge Public Library (LPL) is open.  At the Main Branch of the LPL, the Booktique is located on the bridge between the north and south wings of the Library.  At the Crossings Branch, the Booktique is located adjacent to the internal door leading to the Friends' Room, near the washrooms.  Hence, books, CDs, and DVDS can be purchased from either of the two Booktiques. Payment is made at the Customer Service Desks.

For more information on donating books, CDs and DVDs , click here.


Members of the Friends volunteer about 2000 hours annually! Your help would be most welcome. Please click the Volunteer Activities button below to learn more about our many activities.

Volunteer Activities
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2020-21 Friends of Lethbridge Public Library Board of Directors: (Top, L to R) Donna Seyed Mahmoud, Vice-Pres; Judy Vogt, Sec.; Joanne Overn, Booktique Chair & Director; (Bottom, L to R) Caryl Nelson-Fitzpatrick, Treas.; Vic Mensch, Pres.; Wendy Kalkan, Library Bd. Liaison; Missing: Charlotte Caton, Director; Shannon McAlorum, Director.

About Us


There are two types of membership in the Society of Friends: Voting Members and Associate Members.  Membership status is based on donations of time and money.

There are a couple of ways to become a Voting member in the Society.  Individuals who donate $30 or more in a membership year (September 1 to August 31) are Voting members for that year. Alternately, an individual who donates 100 hours or more of volunteer time to Friends' activities in a previous membership year achieves Voting member status as well.  Organizations who donate $50 or more may designate an individual to represent its Voting status.

Associate members are those individuals who donate less than $30 or volunteer occasionally to support Friends' activities.  These members are invited  to General Meetings and their input and participation are welcomed.  However, they may not vote on any motions or resolutions.

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Sales of donated books and DVDs are the largest source of annual income for the Friends. Casino revenue, every three years, is also a significant source of funds. Finally, cash donations are a regular and welcome revenue stream.  As an all-volunteer organization, our costs always remain well below 1% of income.  Please click the button below for more details.

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What We Do

Advocate, Publicize & Promote

All members of the Friends act as informal ambassadors for our Library. The Friends organization supports the printing of the Library’s newsletter, “Happening”, and undertakes at least one advocacy activity each year.

Initiatives Pursued

Funding Special Library Needs & Services

The Friends organization provides funding for extra services and needs or special programs of the Lethbridge Public Library, augmenting the funds provided by the City of Lethbridge, the largest funder of our Library.

Projects Funded